Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection

1)Role of Statistics in Real Life
To me,statistics mean that collecting numerical data and then organise them using graphs (Bar Graphs,Histogram etc.)Statistics cover how to collate data and represents them in graphs to compare the data easier. Statistics let us find the mean which is the average,median which is the number in the middle and mode which is the number that appears most in a data. Statistics can be applied in our daily life all around us. For me,I use statistics to represents to see how much time I spent on using the learning device each day. I would collate all data into a leaf-and-stem diagram then I will find the mean to see on average how much time I spent each day on my learning device each day.I also apply my knowledge of statistics to see how many glasses of water I drink everyday. As I dehydrates easily,I have to make sure that I drink a lot of water so I would need to keep track of how much water I drank for fear that I fell sick or faint. So I would collect up all the data using bar graphs and see how much water I drink each day I can also find the mode to see which is the day I drank most water. In newspaper,People uses statistics to show us the economy of each country or company. This helps for the people who buy stocks so that they can monitor the market to see which stock to buy.
Yes,Statistics is a mean to report situations in an objective manner. Statistics show data collected of a selected subject or topic. People interested in it will be able to look at the data in an easier way thus using statistics is a mean to report situations in an objective manner. Statistics can be both true and lie.Statistics can be true in terms of something good that has happened. Example:A country economy has increased by a great margin thus people will give real information to share the good news. Statistics can be lie when firstly,mistakes occur. When mistakes occur we will be collating wrong data and thus when we find the mean it will either be higher or lower,median may be of another number,in terms of a same most amount the number may be the crucial one to decide the mode. Example:There are 5 10s and 5 11s both of the number is the mode but actually there is a mistake in the collating of data 11 is written is 10 thus if the mistake is corrected, 11 will be the mode.Statistics can also be a lie
if government wants to hide bad news from the people. Example:The economy of a country is not really good but the government does not want to have a bad reputation so they will faked data and make it a good one thus this statistics is a lie.

2)Learning Experience
To work on this project,our group has spent most of our time discussing on facebook and also using TCS or lesson time. We would set up a date where everyone would gather together on facebook and then chat with one another to decide on a way to collate the data.We use our lesson time to decide on the locations we want to collect and also try to complete part of the project during lesson time. The strengths of our group is that everyone is working and no one is resting there waiting for the rest to complete the project,everyone has well-planned what to do,we do not have any quarrels in term of choosing the locations we want.Everyone is happy with the locations they are allocated. My role is the same as the other group members,my role is to analyse all the data and then put them together in an order and then show them in a table that we created. As this project clashes with our Common Test thus we have less time to do it. Not only this but because there were a lot of data collected,we had a hard time reading it and sometimes we will have some mistakes when we are reading the data then we will have to do it again and again this wasted a lot of our time when we have limited of it. We also had some datas where there are some problems such as, eg. There are buses late,but in the data where how much time the buses were late by,it was stated as 0.In the future we will do the project the same way,just that maybe we will try to be more careful and less careless so that we would not waste the precious time and complete within the due date.